The Comité RIchelieu, a french non-profit organization representing small and medium innovative companies, acts to promote a performing ecosystem for french SMEs. It is dedicated to help these innovative companies to grow dtronger and eventually become world leaders.

Established in 1989, the Comité Richelieu has actively promoted the creation of a French and european SBA (Small Business Act). The Comité Richelieu is also very involved in promoting good relationships between big companies and subcontractors. In that way, the Comité has created “Pacte PME” few years ago, a guide for good practices between those two partners. Today, “Pacte PME” involves over 50% of the big French companies and several thousands of SME.

The Comité Richelieu has been active in French 2012 presidential campaign; by writing and publishing a White Paper (“Livre Blanc”) to present and defend new ideas to strengthen French innovative companies and make France a highly competitive country. The Comité Richelieu gathers more than three hundred innovative companies.

Key figures

More than 300 SMEs members / SMEs member’s profile (all sectors): 55 employees – Turnover about 6,7 M€ – 31,5% turnover for export – 33,2% turnover for R&D.

More than 4000 SMEs associated, more than 100 000 employees.

Our messages

Make SMEs stronger in order to become national and international leaders.

Make more effective and helpful the funding for small and medium innovative companies.

Work together and go forward in the ecosystem.

Our action

Present and influent in the ecosystem: to public authorities, big companies and Defense sector.

A think-tank about all matters regarding innovative companies: funding, tax system, export, research, education, human resources, etc

Meetings on matters regarding innovative companies.